Quintus as he appears in Book 1.

Quintus Caecilius Iucundus is the son of Caecilius and Metella and brother of Lucia. He is the main character of the Cambridge Latin Course series.


Quintus is first seen in the triclinium drinking. In Stage 2, when the merchant visits Caecilius, he greets Quintus in the atrium, along with all the other members of the family.

At the beginning of Stage 4, he asks Grumio, Caecilius, Pantagathus, Syphax, a poet and Celer what they are doing. 

In Stage 6, he saves Grumio and Clemens from a dog. It is also revealed that a thief tried to steal Quintus as an infant, but Felix saved Quintus, and when Caecilius found out, he freed Felix.

In Stage 9, Quintus visits the baths with some of his friends on his birthday. He gets a disc, which he throws, accidentally smashing the nose off of a nearby statue. Later on, they dine at Caecilius's house, and Melissa sings.

In the last stage of Book 1, Quintus is not in the house with Metella and Lucia when Mt. Vesuvius erupts, and he appears in the next book as one of Rufilla's relatives.

(new author) (prepare yourself lmao)

Quintus after the death of his entire family in Pompeii took refuge in the near by city of Naples. Here he was found by our fave Clemens who presented him with Caecilius' ring which allowed him access to the Iucundus fortune and Caecilius' other properties which Quintus sold giving him a pretty big fortune and theability to do more.

Now our boy Quintus got super depressed and decided he had to yayeet himself out of Italy because it was just too painful. Quintus traveled out Italy with Clemens first to Greece. In Greece Quintus became more of an intellectual and actually learned how to debate. After an extended period in Athens Quintus decided his life needed some adventure, so he and Clemens went to Alexandria.

In Alexandria Quintus basically told Clemens that he had served him well even when he didnt need to and bought Clemens his store and helped him to get started. While in Alexandria Quintus lived in the house of Barbillus. Barbillus was a friend of Caecilius who out of respect for his old friend took our boy Quintus in. SO Quintus was really out there living his pretty privileged "Roman in Alexandria" life. Barbillus was like yo Quintus you need an Egyptian slave because ya know that's what's proper, here just take this slave boy of mine as a gift. So Quintus decides to go visit Clemens and takes the slave boy with him. The slave boy was like yo fam be careful but Quintus is just a Roman boy and doesnt understand the Egytians are all rioting because theyre treated so badly. Anyway the slave boy dies in a riot and Quintus is s h o o k.

So Quintus continues his adventures in Alexandria and since our mans is a great hunter he goes out crocodile hunting with Barbillus and some other peeps. To make a long story short Barbillus gets mortally wounded and dies with Quintus beside him leaving Quintus WITH EVEN MORE LOSS. For real tho our boy Quintus just cant get a break! Before Barbillus dies though he tells Quintus a really sad story about how he also lost his family and basically sent Quintus on a quest to find his son Rufus who is in Brittania to tell him Barbillus forgives him and let him know everything that happened. Since Barbillus is a G he left a lot to Quintus in his will (one of his houses with bomb location) and in the case of Rufus' death basically everything.

So Quintus departs once again and arrives in Britannia. He runs into Rufilla in London who he's apparently related to and goes to live with her and her ratchet husband Salvias in their country estate.

Quintus is invited to a dinner party with Salvius at the palace of King Cogidubnus. Her Quintus saves Cog from a bear attack saving his life. The two become quite close and throughout the winter Quintus tells Cog stories ofhis life from Alexandria and who he is. Cog becomes yet another person in Quintus' life who he's probably going to loose. Basically once you say mi Quinte it's over sorry Quintus

Quintus enjoys activities like hunting. He is shown to have a quirte amiable personality and doesnt have much trouble making friends. Quintus used to be really trash at debating but he has vastly improved

Appearance Edit

Quintus is a young male, presumably a teenager as the book refers to him as, iuvenis, meaning, "young man." He is almost always seen in his signature tunic and sandals. He is admired by many girls.

In the later books he is transitioned into a young man presumably in his twenties. Quintus is a cutie and we do nothing but stan here. Quintus is 10/10 a bean who deserves better.