Quintus as he appears in Book 1.

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Quintus Caecilius Iucundus is the son of Caecilius and  Metella and brother of Lucia. He is the main character of the Cambridge Latin Course series.


One night, Caecilius and Metella had some fun in bed and produced Quintus Caecilius Iucundus!!!

Quintus is first seen in the triclinium drinking. In Stage 2, when the merchant visits Caecilius, he greets Quintus in the atrium, along with all the other members of the family.

At the beginning of Stage 4, he asks Grumio, Caecilius, Pantagathus, Syphax, a oet and Celer what they are doing. 

In stage 6, he saves Grumio and Clemens from a dog. It is also revealed that a thief tried to steal Quintus as an infant, but Felix saved Quintus, and when Caecilius found out, he freed Felix.

In Stage 9, Quintus visits the baths with some of his friends on his birthday. He gets a disc, which he throws, accidentally smashing the nose off of a nearby statue. Later on, they dine at Caecilius's house, and Melissa sings.

In the last stage of Book 1, Quintus is not in the house with Metella and Lucia when Mt. vesuvius erupts, and he appears in the next book as one of Ruffila's relatives.

Appearance Edit

Quintus is a young male, presumably a teenager. He is almost always seen in his signature tunic and sandals. He is admired by many girls.