Metella est mater.

Metella est mater.

"Metella est mater" ~ Metella's first mention in the Cambridge Latin Course.

Metella is one of the support characters in the course. She belongs to the Metelli family, an aristocratic family. Her husband is Caecilius and her children are Quintus and Lucia. She is often considered the favourite character of Cambridge Latin Course with her fans referring themselves as the Metellam.


She first appeared in the first chapter, "Metella est mater" meaning she is the the mother. Throughout the series she is shown to be a nice character, occasionally praising Grumio for his cooking. She is often depicted doing what she loves. Sitting. She takes an instant dislike to Melissa, when first introduced. However, over time, she gradually warms up to her after giving her a shoulder on which to cry.