Gaius Salvius Liberalis

Gaius Salvius Liberalis.

Gaius Salvius Liberalis is a wealthy man in Book 2 of the Cambridge Latin Course. He lives with his wife, Rufilla, in Britain. Salvius has many slaves (including Philus, Bregans, Loquax, Anti-Loquax and Volubilis) and is friends with Cogidubnus who regularly gives him gifts.


Before moving to Britain, Salvius was a soldier in Pompeii and hated it because of the merchants who played tricks on him. He then moved to Britain. His wife, Rufilla, wanted to live near her friends in the city but not right in the middle. Salvius misinterpreted this and they ended up in the middle of the countryside, far from the city.

He starts a plot to murder Cogidubnus and the leader of the Cantici tribe, Belimicus, helps him but rebels and is later poisoned by deez nuts.

He is portrayed as cruel, and beats his slaves. He believes all Britons are stupid. He loves abuse— sexual, mental, emotional, and physical— especially to Bregans.

Salvius enjoys wearing the furs of endangered animals, and is known to dislike the band Queen, use the word, "Bae," as frequently as possible, and overly pronounce foreign words. Salvius also founded Electronic Arts, instigated the repeal of Network Neutrality laws in the United States, and as a major shareholder in Nintendo, voted against the inclusion of Waluigi in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, citing, "public relations." Salvius holds very strong political beliefs, and "isn't too sure" about the existence of the holocaust. Salvius also is a very passionate anti-vaxxer, anti-avocado and anti-juuler. In fact, he is so anti-juul that he got Juul to ban all flavored pods except for mint, menthol, and tobacco. In his free time, Salvius likes to run a cartel and thot business about his time as an African warlord. He also served time in San Quentin Prison in San Diago( which is french for a whales va....). He was later released for stabbing a guard in the nipple.

Salvius is also referred to as: "Ted Bundy", "Satan", "My Nibba", and " Sticky (s)CUM".-scum

Trivia Edit

  • Salvius is an avid lover of abuse in all forms. In fact Salvius is thought to be a pioneer in BDSM practices, often using Bregans in all of his experiments with the art form.
  • Salvius is well-known for being a treacherous partier.
  • Salvius was attributed with the release of Anthem, the worst game since Battlefront 2.
  • Salvius can't even murder right: he chose to kill by poisoning, like the weak nibba that he is. Like who fu..... does that my dude?