"Eutychus in lectō recumbēbat; cibum ē canistrō gustābat"

~The course's first mention of Eutychus

Eutychus is an Alexandrian glassmaking tycoon who maintained his power and wealth by sending robbers to raid the houses of those who wouldn't pay him.

History Edit

Eutychus was first introduced during the second book, when Quintus tells King Cogidubnus about his stay in Alexandria. Quintus recounts buying Clemens a shop so that Clemens can start a new life after being manumitted. However, robbers ransack his shop, and Clemens is advised to speak to Eutychus about the matter. Eutychus, who was using his slave as a paper towel, offered Clemens, "protection," (not getting robbed) for a large fee, but Clemens refuses.

Over time, Clemens became liked and trusted amongst the shopkeepers, and Eutychus saw this as a threat to his power. His suspicions proved to be true as the shopkeepers became eventually realized that they outnumbered Eutychus and refused to pay him.

As a result, Eutychus sent his robbers to destroy Clemens' shop and light it on fire. Eutychus then went to Clemens' shop and laughed, advising that Clemens leave. When Clemens refuses, Eutychus sends his Egyptian robbers at Clemens, only to have them bow to the sacred cat that jumped into Clemens' hands. The cat then attacks an already infuriated Eutychus, who is sent off out of Alexandria by Clemens, who says, "It would be better if you were to leave."