Celer is the painter in Pompeii, he comes toward the Iucundus residence, he then knocks on the door while Clemens is in the garden, Quintus, finally answers it and lets Celer in. Quintus calls Metella from the reception hall, Metella then leaves the kitchen where Grumio works and then goes to the reception hall. Metella is greeted by Celer. Celer is lead to the dining room by Metella. Celer is working in the dining room. He starts painting a picture of a big lion in it. He also paints Hercules in the picture. It shows the lion fiercely attacking Hercules. Caecilius comes home from work and enters the dining room. He praises the picture and then calls Lucia. Lucia sees the picture and praises Celer. On page 40 it shows him saying that he is the painter that paints lions. On page 41 Quintus asks him a question. After Celer worked in the dining room, He left the dining room. Grumio is scared and thinks he is Hercules.