Bregans is a farm-slave in Book 2 of the Cambridge Latin Course. He is clearly the comic relief and is rather dim. He has few talents or skills. 

Bregans' first appearance.


Bregans first appears in Stage 13, along with all the other characters. He is very tired, and wants to sleep. He cannot count. He is always the last one to be asked to do a job and isn't the most reliable.

i think he’s better than grumio but go off i guess . hes really stupid like me and can’t count and is tired and probably stoned right now and he’s the most invalid man to set foot in italy but i love him

fuck you. Grumio is the best man and if you cant see that then i hope u enjoy being wrong ig

In the story "Tres servi", Bregans drinks all of Volubilis' wine, and wants to sleep. In "Salvius fundum inspicit", he accidentally made a bull destroy the new building. He later gets in trouble for not working.